Charles Bridge, Prague, Czech republic, Europe

Charles Bridge, Prague, Czech republic, Europe
The Brevnov monastery, Prague, Czech republic, Europe
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Charles Bridge, Prague, Czech republic, Europe


Charles Bridge is the oldest standing bridge over the Vltava river in Prague and the second oldest preserved bridge in the Czech Republic. In Bohemia it was the fourth stone bridge building, the Judita Bridge, Písek and Roudnice.

Charles Bridge replaced the previous Juditin Bridge, demolished in 1342 during the spring melting of ice. The construction of the new bridge began in 1357 under the auspices of Emperor Charles IV. And was completed in 1402. Thanks to the stone bridge, Prague was also a significant stop on European trade routes. Since the end of the 17th century, 30 mainly Baroque sculptures and sculptural groups have been placed on the bridge. Originally he was called the “stone” or “Prague” bridge. The name “Charles Bridge” dates back to around 1870. The first publisher, writer and copper-ruler Joseph Rudl in his monograph, Die Berühmte Karls-Brücke und ihre Statuen, was the first publisher, writer and copper-ruler, Ketten-Brücke.

A historic royal road leads along the bridge.

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